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Welcome to the PT Computing website!

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We provide quality computer repair, service, and sales to a large area of Southern New England. Whether you are having performance issues with your PC or if you are looking to upgrade your entire workstation, we are here to provide you with exactly what you need in a friendly, professional, and timely manner.















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PT Computing provides services for the following:


 Windows based Desktops, Laptops, and Netbooks, and Tablet PCs

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 Macintosh based Desktops and Laptops

 Linux based Desktops

 Internal / External CNC/Machining computer systems

 Network Devices, Modems, and Wireless Routers

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searching  Printers, Scanners, and all-in-one Print/Scan/Fax equipment

 Basic troubleshooting of common electronic equipment


Please see our Services section for more details.

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